HubSpot is a popular growth solution for many business applications, including sales and marketing, content management (CMS), and customer service (CRM).

The platform’s popularity is easy to see: usage statistics and earnings had skyrocketed since 2006, when the founders started the company in Cambridge, MA. And users often praise the platform’s “incredible insights,” streamlined sales and marketing tools, and overall ease of use.

However, despite the benefits, many businesses are not using HubSpot to its full potential. As the marketing consultancy company, Huble Digital writes, “These companies sometimes spend large amounts of money on the platform (giving them access to all of the enterprise-grade tools) but only use a fraction of it. Alternatively…they don’t have the resources or knowledge in-house to leverage its benefits.”

On the other hand, if you don’t understand the platform and its capabilities, HubSpot management can be complex and time-consuming.

Is your company implementing HubSpot, integrating the platform with existing technologies, or customizing the sales and marketing tools for your unique needs? You may need the help of skilled HubSpot talent, like an implementation specialist, software engineer, or marketing coordinator.

NewConfig is a HubSpot Staffing Agency in Montgomery County, PA. We help businesses find skilled HubSpot talent to optimize the platform’s benefits. Below we discuss how sourcing HubSpot talent can solve five common HubSpot problems.

How a HubSpot Recruiting Firm Can Help You Solve Five Common HubSpot Problems

Development Problems: Developers are the most in-demand position in the HubSpot ecosystem, and many HubSpot Staffing Agencies exclusively source developers. Businesses need developers to build applications, custom integrations, and websites optimized for CRM. A good HubSpot developer can guarantee the most significant value from the software while ensuring effortless functionality.

Reporting Problems: HubSpot offers excellent reporting functionality, but many users struggle to connect the dots between various reports. An in-house HubSpot expert can help you simplify reporting to improve your processes.

Integration Problems: Many businesses do not effectively integrate HubSpot with their existing technology. Users find themselves toggling between software programs, wasting time and money. A HubSpot integration or implementation specialist can help you combine your existing tech with the new ecosystem, ensuring a streamlined user experience.

User Adoption Issues: NewConfig’s recruiters come from development backgrounds. As a HubSpot Recruiting Firm, we understand the challenges of successfully adopting and using new software. An expert HubSpot consultant can train your employees to use and enjoy HubSpot.

ROI Problems: All of the problems above contribute to ROI. If a company does not use HubSpot to its fullest potential, the investment may be a failure. Finding skilled and qualified talent is the first step to optimizing your HubSpot experience.

NewConfig: HubSpot Recruiting Firm

HubSpot success requires in-house expertise. If you do not have the right experts to optimize your ecosystem, you may need to partner with an agency that can help you find the right talent.

NewConfig guarantees a successful recruitment experience. We source and hire talent who can assimilate to your business culture while promoting your long-term success.

To learn more about our unique HubSpot Staffing Agency, contact our Montgomery County, PA offices today.