So when I started NewConfig in 2012, I thought for sure I have a winning business model.

Most IT Recruiters I talked to, knew nothing about IT. They would ask easy questions about experience or salary, but as an SAP/Salesforce functional professional, I would run circles around them in terms of technology.

They would ask questions about having 5 years of experience in a technology that was out for a year or two. I could tell them about configuration, and hear silence on the other side, because they knew nothing about it.

An IT Recruiter that knows IT? That is a no brainer for success, I thought.

However, I learned quickly, that recruiting itself is an art and a science and its separate from hands-on IT Knowledge, which is important too.

In 2012, I made zero money for NewConfig. And since I was the only employee at NewConfig until 2016, NewConfig made zero money too.

In 2013, I lost money for NewConfig because I bought access to a database and I did not know how to use the database properly.

In 2014, after 2 years of trial and error,  I finally figured out how to recruit successfully. Since then, I have been teaching my team this as well as IT functionality and the rest is history: NewConfig is a profitable business with ten employees now.

So what is the big secret on how to Recruit?

It starts and ends with honesty.

Honesty about pay. Honesty about travel. Honesty about remote work and bonus. Honesty breeds trust. And with trust, people will follow you.

The relationship starts with the job description. We are always honest about the pay, the travel, the bonus. Everything about the role.

If you need more advice, call NewConfig. We know how to help you out.