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The Hadoop network of professionals is one of the most successful open-source projects in the world. Initially developed to handle and analyze vast amounts of data, Hadoop is now at the core of many business processes. Companies who use Hadoop rely on big data to lower costs, improve customer experience, and drive innovation.

Hadoop 1.0, which was released in 2012, six years after the project’s inception, promised a new way to store and manage data with efficiency and without tremendous costs.

It was around this time, too, that “big data sprung from the confines of technology circles into the mainstream.” In 2012 big data was a featured topic at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the US government announced $200 million for big data research (source).

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Hadoop is Becoming More Complex and Efficient

Since the release of Hadoop 1.0, Hadoop has evolved through many iterations with hundreds of contributors working to improve the ecosystem’s speed and scalability while lowering the costs of ownership.

However, it was the release of Hadoop 3 in 2017 that marked a new era in big data, with new trends promising innovative uses, including data-streaming apps and Hadoop for the Internet of Things (IoT) (source).

Maybe this is the reason why so many firms are showing an increased interest in Hadoop. As Techopedia notes: “With Hadoop becoming the de facto standard for data collection and becoming ubiquitous in many organizations, managers and development leaders are learning all about the Hadoop ecosystem and what kinds of things are involved in a general Hadoop setup.”

Hadoop Talented Professionals are Scarce

Of course, many businesses are also looking to source knowledgeable IT pros to leverage the power of Hadoop 3. The key to successful Hadoop Recruiting is real big data knowledge. NewConfig is unique in the Hadoop Recruiting field.  We find the best big data professionals, including developers, Hadoop administrators, and architects because we’ve worked in big data. We understand the robust complexity of the Hadoop ecosystem.

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