Why Hire A Financial Staffing Agency?

Today’s finance leaders see efficiency as a critical feature of a post-COVID-19 world. From new accounting and reporting methods to strategic financial management in uncertain times, finance teams must adapt quickly to dramatic changes today and tomorrow.

The global consulting firm McKinsey notes that finance departments have cut costs by 30% in the past decade, and the next decade promises to be even more efficient. However, beyond expenses, the best finance departments shift resources from transaction processing to “value-added” responsibilities that drive business performance (source).

As McKinsey notes, a good finance team must have a “clearly defined data management strategy.” However, finance is not merely about “big data”—it’s about analyzing data to make critical business decisions.

In this new landscape, a company’s finance hires must be experienced, knowledgeable, and flexible and perhaps include a mix of full-time employees and contractors. The old ways of hiring will not suffice in a post-pandemic world.

Why Hire a Financial Staffing Agency?

In the past, companies adjusted staff to meet business demands with a slipshod staffing model that relied on reactive decision-making. Today, companies must employ a proactive model that analyzes each position’s evolving needs and responds to that need with quick and efficient hiring decisions.

Unfortunately, many human resource departments do not have the time or experience to source and hire the best finance professionals.

To meet the demands of today’s finance departments, many companies have turned to qualified Financial Staffing Agencies. The best financial staffing recruiting firms can help you find a variety of talent including, VPs of Finance or CFOs as well as reliable financial analysts.

How to Choose the Best Financial Staffing Agency

Like your most important hiring decisions, you must carefully decide on your choice of a Financial Staffing Agency. You want a firm that can capably perform the entire hiring cycle, from job ads to salary negotiations, while capably communicating with your team. So how can you choose the best financial staffing agency?

First, find a firm that has filled various positions, from junior level roles to Chief Financial Officer.

Between Financial Staffing Agencies, NewConfig is the rare firm that has placed financial candidates in various positions for leading financial businesses, including First Line Software, National Debt Relief, Paychex, and many others.

The next step is to find a Financial Staffing Firm that sources exclusive candidates. Many Financial Staffing Agencies share access to the people from the same old recruitment place. NewConfig accesses seven various databases and our proprietary database, which has candidates not found anywhere else.

Lastly, you must find a company that can help you choose the best candidates to interview and hire and offer counsel on negotiating salaries. NewConfig’s consultative approach to recruiting is, sadly, beyond the work that most financial headhunters can do.

NewConfig’s approach to staffing is a fantastic match for most firm’s financial staffing requirements. To hear more about how we at NewConfig can help you source a flexible and robust finance department, contact us today.