Executive Recruiting Companies Build Businesses

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Unless you are this guy who can build his own house out of sticks, mud, and rocks, chances are you’re probably not going to try and construct your own home alone. Like most intricate and complicated tasks in life, you want to hire an expert in the field to get the job done right.

No, NewConfig can’t build your dream home for you. But we can help you build your dream C-Suite team for your business. There are a lot of congruences between a construction contractor and an executive recruiting company—both need to be attentive to the client’s needs and work with integrity to ensure the best possible job is completed.

So, let’s gather up those building materials, don our hard hat, and find out what kind of benefits partnering with an executive recruiter can bring to your business.

NewConfig lets you choose the features.

When you’re conceptualizing your ideal home, you want to have as much say in the design process as possible. How many rooms do you want? What features do you want the kitchen to include? Do you want an infinity pool overlooking your hillside vista? (Don’t we all want that?)

Just like designing a house, your opinions matter to the architects and constructors of your executive-level team. While executive recruiters such as NewConfig may have the expertise and connections to find your next executive hire, only you know the inner workings and needs of your business. That’s why we take listening to our clients so seriously.

Understanding the needs of a business is the blueprint to our process at NewConfig. And this is reflective in the success of many other businesses as well. Talent comes from everywhere, and we are privy to finding the right candidate for the job, wherever they may come from. CFO Tim Shehean takes the task of interfacing and connecting with potential talent very seriously.

“At meetings of the corporation’s finance managers, Tim makes a point to spend time with lower-level staff members to establish a personal bond. He is active in a number of outside finance groups and similarly devotes time at their conferences to seek out and get to know finance talent outside the company. Over the years he has promoted a number of finance managers out of his organization and has had great success in replacing them with talented staff from inside the company as well as outside.”

Talent comes from anywhere and everywhere, all walks of life, internally and externally. An executive recruiting agency knows to listen to the needs of its clients, so you get the best hire possible.

NewConfig will set the foundation.

Once the blueprint is set, the construction team can get to work. An executive hiring company, like the company constructing your house, is responsible for installing the foundation of your business. The C-Suite is the group of employees who drive value, motivate lower-level employees, and set the overall structure of the organization.

When you’re considering your next executive hire, you probably weigh the advantages of hiring on pedigree vs. potential. Both have their advantages—someone with pedigree has the education and the connections but perhaps isn’t well-versed in your specific business needs. Someone with potential is perceptive, knowledgeable in industry trends, and able to help you stay in front of the competitive curve.

One Gallup poll asked business leaders what they found to be valuable in a potential candidate: pedigree or potential? The survey found that 84 percent of business leaders tout industry knowledge as a highly crucial characteristic; nearly 80 percent thought that applied skills trumped basic qualifications such as college degrees or connections.

There is a vast web of candidates that you have to comb through to find your next executive hire, each with varying levels of pedigree and potential. As the foundation of your organization, it’s imperative that you fully understand each candidate’s accolades, and this is something that an executive recruiting agency like NewConfig excels at.

When you choose to make the investment of building a home, you know that you want to get everything right. You want that roof over your head to last a lifetime. The same is true of your executive hiring process—finding the next leader of your organization is time-consuming and costly, and if it’s not the right fit right off the bat, you’re back to square one trying to fill that void.

This is what NewConfig can help you avoid. With our expansive network of candidates, expertise in the hiring process, and ability to be receptive to our client’s needs, we will help you build the “house” of your dreams for your business.