Let’s face it, IT Recruiting is hard for Hiring Managers and HR alike.

If you are in HR, then you are onboarding candidates, negotiating offers, and dealing with compliance, benefits, and other similar issues.

If you are a Hiring Manager in IT, then you are working on deliverables for projects, managing stakeholder requirements, managing your team, working on a budget, and many other tasks too.

So when you do have time to talk to candidates, you want to make sure you are not wasting your time with unqualified candidates. 

But in IT, there are many unqualified candidates that try to pass for experienced candidates.

Many people take a three-month class online and claim five years of experience. Whether it is in SAP, Salesforce, Peoplesoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Cloud, Netsuite, Hubspot, or a similar hot technology.

This is a big problem in IT. There are many fake candidates in the IT Job Market.

The Fraud ranges from making up experience on a resume to actually having one person do the technical interview and another person show up to the final round interview.

Some people have chutzpah! 

Before clients start working with us on IT roles, this is one of the biggest complaints we hear.

So how do you solve this issue?

The easiest way is to work with NewConfig 🙂

I have personally worked with SAP, Salesforce, Peoplesoft, and many other technologies and I have taught my team how to spot fake candidates. We also ask functional and technical questions during our interview process that only real experts would know.

The above is the best solution for a Hiring Manager or in HR: learn the technology and have technical and functional questions prepared to filter out fake candidates.

I also recommend doing as many Google Video, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams video interviews as possible so there is no room for the fake candidates to use a friend to interview for them.

An In-Person interview is even better.

If you are recruiting for a developer, then the best solution to this is to give candidates a coding challenge. That way you see their code firsthand.

If you need more advice, call NewConfig. We have been dealing with fake candidates for over a decade and we know how to filter them out for you.