Many Recruiters have a hard time finding candidates these days. If they worked with NewConfig, the premier Salesforce Recruitment Agency, finding qualified Salesforce candidates would not be an issue. 

Contributing factors to their difficulty are many. has been around since 1998, but it only started to take off in the latter part of this century. What this means is that many seasoned Salesforce Headhunters are former Java Headhunters or SAP headhunters who entered the Salesforce Staffing market looking for new opportunities. They do not know the technology nor the people using it. They may find people on job boards, but then they do not know how to screen these candidates and how to screen out imposters aka people with a few months of experience from an online class or people who were end users in their former jobs and now claim 3-5+ years of experience.

Other Headhunters are former general recruiters part of a Salesforce Staffing Company. They know how to ask general questions of candidates, but never delve deeper into their experience. They sell themselves based on their recruiting experience. For example, they ask candidates questions about their salary, re-location, benefits, years of experience etc, but they never ask candidates how many Salesforce Organizations they have worked on or what is the difference between a Customer Community and a Partner Community. The former questions are questions every recruiter would ask while the latter are questions only Salesforce experienced NewConfig recruiters would ask candidates.