Sales staffing is a perennial challenge for businesses. After the detail-oriented work of discovering a few good resumes, the interview process requires an entirely different skill-set, including cunning and foresight.

Remember, salespeople are good at selling themselves, and a stellar resume or a charming smile can disproportionately influence a hiring manager’s decision-making. A good hiring manager will see beyond a candidate’s resume to the subtle attributes that define a candidate’s worth to ensure the right experience, skills, and cultural fit.

On the other hand, sales professionals often have the most significant impact on the bottom line, so you want to make sure you make the right decision.

NewConfig is a sales staffing agency in Montgomery County, PA. In over a decade of sales staffing experience, we’ve witnessed interviews of all types: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As you interview candidates for sales positions, watch out for the following five red flags.

Interviewing Sales Professionals? Watch Out for These Five Red Flags

They Talk More Than They Listen

Too often, sales professionals spend time talking when they should be listening. Recruiters specializing in sales understand that professionals who listen and ask the right questions are more likely to tailor a pitch to the customers’ unique needs.

They’re too Number-Focused 

You don’t want to hire a candidate whose questions and answers revolve around numbers. Yes, hitting the numbers is essential, but the numbers are a byproduct of proper business development. In addition to experience, a salesperson’s ability to connect and create solutions is vital.

They Tip-Toe Around Questions

The best sales recruiting firms agree that the way a candidate answers a question is as important as the answer itself. An honest answer is more worthwhile than an answer that sidesteps potentially harmful implications. Of course, you want to hire a successful candidate, but you also want your applicants to be honest about prior positions that didn’t work out.

They Procrastinate Decisions

A key element of sales success is a decisive work style. The ability to make quick decisions with immediate execution and follow-up can make or break a deal. If your applicant is a procrastinator, take a hard pass.

Money-Focused is Less Important than Team-Focus

Many sales VPs, business development teams, and even sales staffing agencies hire professionals who profess to be motivated by money. If the candidate’s top priory is money, he or she may be overlooking the value of teamwork. An applicant interested in helping the team will always benefit the business more than a solo player who wants only to “crush it.”

Don’t Botch Your Next Hire! Find a Good Sales Staffing Agency

local staffing agencies in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Finding the right sales person is crucial for a business’s success so many businesses partner with sales staffing agencies to ensure a smooth process and successful hire. NewConfig offers sales staffing services to local businesses in the Montgomery County, PA, area, and internationally, to businesses worldwide.

The benefits of a top-tier sales staffing agency like NewConfig include:

An Objective Perspective

A sales staffing service that takes the time to learn about your business can help you make more informed hiring decisions. Understanding the big picture from an external, objective viewpoint can lead to more significant results.

Access to an Exclusive Network

The best sales recruiting firms interact with qualified salespeople every day. Partnering with a good firm can make the difference between searching for weeks or months for your next hire. Time equals money—why waste both on a lengthy search? A good sales staffing agency can deliver skilled professionals faster than your HR department.

In-Depth Screening Services

The best sales recruiting firms also have years of sales experience. They know how to find out if candidates are truthful about credentials. Simply put, recruiters help you avoid costly mistakes.

Efficient Outsourcing

Don’t distract your time hiring salespeople. When you outsource to those who understand the staffing best, your company can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Peace of Mind Planning

How can you improve can you improve? When you partner with a good sales staffing agency, you free your time (and mind) to focus on new business opportunities. Your sales team is the engine driving your business—now is the time to find new ways to fuel it.

A sales staffing agency can help you outperform the competition with the right team by your side. Don’t miss your chance to attract the best candidates in your industry!

Ready to start with sales staffing services? Contact NewConfig today.