So I have been a Recruiter for ten years, and I have seen Hiring Managers make many unforced errors that cost them time and valuable candidates.

In this article, I am going to discuss three mistakes Hiring Managers make that lose them great candidates

1. Having too many interviews for the candidate to do ❌

What we recommend is an interview with HR, and then just one more final round interview for the candidate with all the decision-makers. This cuts down the time investment by the firm and accelerates the process so that an offer can be given within even two weeks of time to beat the market.

This strategy will beat the market because the average turnaround time from resume submission to an offer in the market is about four weeks or a month so anything under a month will help your organization be ahead of your competition.

2. Get rid of too many decision-makers that have to interview the candidate. ❌

Just like having too many cooks at one pot spoils the soup, the same idea here: too many decision-makers slows down the process to the point that the candidate loses interest or is poked by a competitive firm.

Another reason that too many decision-makers hurt the process goes back to point one: each of them requires their own interview and that drags the process to go on longer and longer.

3. Requiring Unnecessary Paperwork. ❌

It is hard enough to get a candidate to comply with interview time slots that are during work hours, but requiring College Transcripts or Certifications slow down the process even more. Some certifications are a must for specific roles but for the vast majority of roles, they are not required and commensurate hands-on experience is much better than book knowledge.

Furthermore, many candidates have been away from school for years so requiring transcripts slows down the process even more to a point that some great candidates withdraw their applications.


4. Schedule interviews back to back. 

Scheduling interviews back to back on the same day or even the very next day does make things move quicker