Hiring H1B Candidates is controversial in the USA. On one side, people think that it is better to hire only American talent and support American jobs. On the other side, Hiring Managers cannot find the American talent that want to do their job so they are left with only bad choices: increase the salary and take a loss on the role or keep the position open and not grow the team.

In this article, we want to explore a couple of Benefits and Negatives of H1B Visa candidates. We want to stay neutral and just give the facts.

Fact 1:

It does take 2-3 months to hire an H1B visa candidate.
Hiring managers have to jump through many hoops with the United States Immigration Services to hire an H1B Visa candidate. This takes time. The process can be expedited to 6 weeks by paying extra, but not always.

The company really needs to want to hire an H1B visa candidate to hire the person because it does take a lawyer and capital to pay the USCIS fees.

Fact 2:

In our professional opinion, H1B visa candidates are more stable than many job hoppers in the market. This is because of Fact 1.

It takes a long time to hire them and they cannot just quit since that will affect their visa status in the USA. For them to leave an employer, they need to already have another employer lined up that is willing to go through the H1B visa process with them.

This is much harder than one thinks. About one out of ten employers in our opinion accept H1B visa candidates.

Fact 3:

In our professional opinion, they are candidates of last resort for many employers, but a needed one because without them, the market would have less candidates available.

They bring necessary liquidity in the market meaning if someone really needs a skilled IT professional or an Engineer, they can still hire someone stateside via an H1B Visa candidate.