You are tasked with finding the best SAP CRM professional but you do not want to use one of the best SAP Staffing Agencies, NewConfig, just yet.

You can do what dozens of recruiters do today: take the list of requirements from the hiring manager and paste it into a job board. Then interview CRM candidates that either pepper their resume or outright lie to you about their experience. This technique results in mediocre employees that slow your organization down. Oh how SAP Recruitment Companies need NewConfig’s help! But I digress. 

If you are not ready to use NewConfig’s SAP Recruitment Agency then I want to show you another option: learning a couple tricks candidates use in SAP Staffing to fool an SAP Recruiter. NewConfig’s recruiters, one of the premier SAP Staffing Agencies, use these daily.

SAP CRM is complicated with 4 different sub-modules: Service, Sales, Marketing, and Middleware. Sometimes a candidate claims that s/he knows all of SAP’s CRM modules. Really? This should be a red flag. SAP CRM professionals specialize in just one or two SAP CRM sub-modules. If someone tells you that they know most of SAP CRM then s/he is pulling your leg and you should move on to more honest candidates.

Another trick candidates use is overstating their experience. Candidates will exaggerate their experience with SAP CRM functionality (SAP CRM Pricing, Contract Management, etc) to get the interview. The best way to find the truth is to technically screen these candidates yourself.