According to recent statistics, 83% of all Fortune 500 companies and more than 150,000 customers worldwide use one or more Salesforce applications (source). If you are one of these companies, you understand the challenge of sourcing and hiring qualified Salesforce Developers.

If you’re one of the businesses using Salesforce, you need experienced pros who understand the technology practically and creatively. You also need a team player who understands the cultural challenges of using such a comprehensive platform.

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Salesforce Developers: A Global Shortage?

More than most positions, IT professionals covet the role of Salesforce Developer. A recent best jobs ranking listed Salesforce Developer as #10 of all jobs. The global demand for all developers is high, and the need for Salesforce Developers is surging. Great news for IT professionals with Salesforce training and certifications!

Unfortunately, many businesses believe the global demand for developers creates a shortage of qualified talent. A recent TechRepublic piece noted: “2021 is shaping up to be a great year for developers, but not so much for companies hiring them, with 61% of HR professionals believing this will be their biggest challenge in the year ahead” (source).

However, a “global shortage of developers” may be a myth. An astute recruitment campaign will always find qualified talent, including Salesforce Developers.

How to Hire Salesforce Developers: Five Tips

  1. Refine Your Posting

To find and hire qualified Salesforce Developers, adjust your expectations. Start first with your job posting. Postings that require a degree may exclude self-styled learners with excellent technical skills. When recruiting Salesforce Developers, look for abundant experience in the Trailhead community.

  1. Offer Exciting Work and Flexible Hours 

The best developers want the best jobs. If you’re competing against a host of other companies looking for Salesforce Developers, you must offer exciting work and flexible hours. According to a recent survey of developers, most want interesting challenges followed and flexible hours above even salary (source). By emphasizing these benefits in your recruitment process, you will appeal to candidates’ broadest possible array.

  1. Use Your Network

A marvelous posting can attract traditional candidates, but the best source for excellent developer talent is referrals. A good referral offers a vetted candidate, saving you some of the recruitment leg work. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have an extensive developer network. In this case, your best bet is to partner with a Salesforce Recruitment Agency, like NewConfig. From our home base in Montgomery County, PA, we have developed an extensive network of developer relationships that spans the world.

  1. Choose the Right Candidates 

If you nail your recruitment process, you can attract many applicants—often too many. Unfortunately, the job’s popularity often translates to applicants who lack real Salesforce experience. On the other hand, the influx of candidates doesn’t always attract great candidates.

A leader in Salesforce Staffing, NewConfig suggests meeting these challenges head-on with practical knowledge and technical savvy. When we recruit Salesforce developers, we account for many factors, including the candidate‘s unique technical qualifications and the likelihood of an excellent cultural fit.

  1. Nail the Interview 

A good interview with relevant and respectful questions is the key to landing an in-demand Salesforce Developer. In a recent survey, 38% of developers said they were dissuaded by irrelevant technical interview questions and exercises (source). To nail the interview, create an engaging and comfortable atmosphere that highlights the best your business has to offer while acknowledging the developer’s unique skills.

NewConfig successfully recruits, interviews, and hires Salesforce Developers for a variety of business needs. To learn more about our results-oriented Salesforce Staffing Agency, contact us today.