What is Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud is an enterprise-grade cloud computing platform offered by Oracle. It provides a comprehensive suite of cloud services encompassing infrastructure, platform, and Software As A Service (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS).

Traditionally, AWS, Microsoft, and Google have outperformed Oracle Cloud. However, as TechTarget notes, Oracle is investing in its workforce (adding 2000 workers, including Oracle Cloud developers and analysts) to position its infrastructure “for more specialized workloads, particularly applications that use its flagship database and can benefit from the Exadata hardware that underpins OCI” (source).

As more companies transition to the cloud, businesses using legacy Oracle applications have a relatively low-risk proposition. As Oracle notes: “Most on-premises Oracle Application deployments can be migrated to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without requiring significant configuration, integration, or business process changes” (source).

Despite the ease of transitioning from Oracle’s traditional applications to cloud-based services, any cloud transition will require skilled talent to ensure a seamless transition and smooth ongoing operations.

NewConfig is an Oracle Staffing Services firm located in Montgomery County, PA, area and serving clients worldwide. Contact us today to learn about our extensive technical and recruitment experience. Below we discuss the essential elements of Oracle Cloud Staffing.

Oracle Database Staffing: Do Companies Transitioning to the Cloud Need Skilled Talent?

If your business is moving to the cloud, you may need the following services:

Oracle Cloud Database Administration

Oracle promotes secure, efficient, and cost-effective collection and storage of data to maximize its benefits to an organization. Oracle Cloud Database Administration involves maintaining, securing, and operating the database, which is crucial in promoting efficient and safe cloud operations.

Oracle Cloud Analysts

Oracle Cloud Analysts help businesses use the data to solve problems, meet challenges, and promote optimal solutions.

Oracle Cloud Developers

Oracle makes a great deal about its platform’s ability to automate development, but Oracle Cloud Developers still play an essential role in the software, developing and building cloud-based solutions.

Oracle Cloud Implementors

As the name implies, Oracle Cloud Implementors help businesses implement Oracle Cloud services by ensuring seamless integration between business operations and cloud computing.

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Oracle Cloud Staffing Services: What You Need to Know

When considering the complexity of the platform and potentially various positions a business must fill to optimize its Oracle Cloud, many companies naturally gravitate to Oracle Staffing Solutions.

And undoubtedly, with Oracle’s recent push to promote its cloud-based services, the competition for the best talent will be fierce.

Companies looking to partner with a provider of Oracle Cloud Staffing Services would do well to find uniquely positioned recruitment agencies that understand the software and the people who use the software.

Online options abound, with direct-hire recruitment firms offering to outsource operations to another country; these firms rarely work locally and often never hire professionals uniquely suited to a company’s culture.

A better option is partnering with a local company and cultivating relationships with top talent.

Every cloud platform is unique. IT recruitment firms like NewConfig, which specialize in specific platforms like Oracle Cloud, understand how to recruit employees to get the best out of the platform.

NewConfig: Oracle Cloud Staffing Solutions

NewConfig offers Oracle Staffing Solutions to all Oracle-run businesses looking for a personal touch. Contact us today at our offices at our Montgomery County, PA office. We can help you find the skilled talent you need, including Oracle Cloud Database Administration specialists, Oracle Cloud Developers, Oracle Cloud Analysts, and Oracle Cloud implementers.