Are you tired of making offers to candidates and getting them rejected?

If so, it’s time to get back to the fundamentals.

Salary and negotiation tactics have become very complicated. Companies use “On Target Earnings” that include base salary, bonus, commission, options, profit sharing, and other compensation.

Benefits, PTO Time, and other soft benefits also are included in the calculation.

All of this does the opposite of persuading the candidate to join.

This confuses the candidate. They cannot compare their compensation today at their current employer with the offer.

Confusion creates fear and uncertainty.

What do people do when there is fear and uncertainty? They walk away. They get scared. They rather keep the role they know, but they do not love for a change that is uncertain. This is human nature. Plus. they may also bide for time, and that is bad too.

The passing of time kills recruiting deals.

So what is the solution?

Get back to the fundamentals.

The best solution is to offer a base salary and a potential bonus percentage. Commission, profit sharing, options, and other incentives cloud things up so people do not know what exactly is being offered.

By offering a base salary and a bonus compensation that you promised them from day one of the interview process and not hid from them, which you would do if you worked with NewConfig, you have a much better chance of getting an offer accepted.