After several decades of progress, cloud computing is now a standard tool for many of the world’s businesses. However, in early 2020, when many firms transitioned online, it was clear that some cloud-based operations vastly outperformed others.

The difference in many of these cases was not the platforms themselves but the personnel. With the recent shift to remote operations, many organizations have learned that cloud computing requires trained professionals’ expertise to guide and manage successful operations.

Unfortunately, the recent scramble for qualified talent has left a labor shortage in many markets. The solution? Many businesses and organizations are turning to IT recruiting firms to fill the hiring gap.

NewConfig, a Microsoft Dynamics Recruitment Firm in Montgomery County, PA, has recently helped several local organizations find highly skilled Microsoft Dynamics administrators, developers, and consultants. A top recruiting firm locally and globally, we can help your organization find the cloud-based talent you need.

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Microsoft Dynamics Recruitment: The Challenge


Of the most popular cloud-based CRM platforms, Microsoft Dynamics 365 accounts for about 3% of the market share. The top CRM platform, Salesforce, accounts for a 19% market share (source). This fact points to the vital challenge of finding qualified Dynamics professionals. Salesforce professionals are a dime a dozen, yet a trained and talented Microsoft Dynamics professional may be hard to find.

Consumers often compare Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce, and many say the two platforms are hard to tell apart in terms of user experience. Yet behind the scenes, implementation is a different matter. Microsoft Dynamic’s applications can be exceedingly complex, and many IT professionals do not have specific Dynamics knowledge.

A Dynamics project often requires data migration, configuration and mapping of new business processes, and customized development. Top Microsoft Dynamics recruiting firms will tell you: All of this work requires the input of specialized IT professionals with consulting expertise and Dynamics development knowledge.

Many businesses choose to outsource some of this work to one of Microsoft’s many partner companies or a host of independent contractors. A partner can help you plan your project and potentially support your project’s implementation but may not offer hands-on development work. A contractor can help you with specific development tasks but may lack the big vision of a consultant.

Considering all the various factors, the pool of candidates available for any specific business may be surprisingly small. All of these factors contribute to the challenge of Microsoft Dynamics staffing.

The Solution: Finding the Right Microsoft Dynamics Recruitment Firm

Businesses who invest significant capital in management software like Microsoft Dynamics expect a considerable ROI. When these systems do not perform well, the impulse may be to blame the software itself. However, Microsoft Dynamics has performed well for thousands of companies.

The difference between success and failure is sufficient planning, training, and implementation. Intelligent staffing is necessary. However, as the best technical recruiting firms know: Cloud-based administrators, developers, and consultants are often the most valuable professionals in the hiring pool. When staffing for Microsoft Dynamics professionals, even IT recruitment agencies face a daunting challenge—and a worldwide shortage.

To find the right professionals for your Dynamics project, partner with a Microsoft Dynamics Recruitment Firm with industry-specific experience. NewConfig is a rare direct-hire recruitment firm with hands-on industry experience in CRM and cloud-based applications. We can help you find the most appropriate and effective Microsoft Dynamics administrators, developers, and consultants for your project. To learn more about our reputation as one of the best technical recruiting firms, contact our offices in Montgomery County, PA, today.