Ruby on Rails headhunter

The job of coding, developing, and programming from the view of an outsider can look like dizzying world of algorithms that only a wizard of math and logic could possibly understand. Believe it or not, even for these cavaliers of coding who understand these programming languages, the task of dealing with these languages day in and day out can be a real headache.

The mundane toil of existing programming languages is what spurred David Heinemeier Hansson to create Ruby on Rails, or just Rails, in 2003. Since its inception over a decade ago, Ruby on Rails has become an increasingly viable option for startups and enterprise-level organizations alike. Ruby on Rail’s rapid web and application development coupled with Hansson’s emphasis on programmer and developer happiness has created a community of experts in the language. And it also happens to be an area that NewConfig is acutely familiar with, too.

However, like most things, with demand comes eventual saturation of the market. While Ruby on Rails is an excellent platform on which to build your business’ online components, being a Ruby on Rails headhunter on your own is time-consuming. NewConfig can help you find your next team of Rails developers so you can focus on running your business! Here are three challenges solved when you make the decision to partner with a Ruby on Rails headhunter.

How do you find the right candidate?

According to a report from Experis Engineering in 2017, software engineer positions have become some of the hardest employees to find. For one, most developers are adept in many other coding languages such as C# or Javascript, so it can be hard to find a truly-dedicated Rails developer. Some candidates, in a rush to find a position, might embellish their experience, qualifications, and skills to get into a job fast. And, put simply, the talent pool of Rails developers is just massive!

One company, Planet Argon, specializes in developing Rails applications to help businesses streamline and meet goals more efficiently. As such, they have been through the hiring process for Rails developers many times and have boiled the job down to a science. Some things they consider when entering into the hiring process are:

  • Documenting and describing the developer role
  • Knowing where to look for Ruby on Rails developers
  • Establish a hiring team and process
  • Engaging in non-technical as well as technical interviews

As a Ruby on Rails headhunter, NewConfig believes in and executes each one of these tenets in our headhunting process as well. With our experience in Ruby on Rails developer requirements, an established team of recruiters, and an enormous network of potential talent to choose from, NewConfig makes the Rails hiring process simple.

Hiring is a large commitment.

If you are looking to hire a new Rails employee, you are either all in or you’re not. And as your deadlines for projects approach and you get more desperate, the demand for finding a new employee gets more and more pressing. And you better believe that if you are looking at a potential Ruby on Rails candidate, chances are other companies are, too.

For these specialized positions, you are not the only one who is expecting great things from a potential employee—the candidate is looking for competence from you as well! This means paying attention to things like quick and helpful communication, a streamlined hiring process, and overall respect and appreciation for the candidate’s time and interest in your company.

When you decide to go with a Ruby on Rails headhunter like NewConfig, you are putting your next Rails developer into the hands of experts who are intimately aware of how arduous the hiring process can be for a company. Which brings us to our final point.

You should be able to focus on running your business.

Hiring, especially for a highly-specialized profession such as Rails development, takes days, weeks, and even months. These are huge chunks of time and effort that are taken out of your daily operations. Why expend so much energy and so many resources on a task that NewConfig can likely do better for you?

As an established Ruby on Rails headhunter authority, NewConfig is well-equipped to make your Rails developer hiring process simple while also ensuring that the candidate is qualified and a perfect fit for your organization’s needs.

Ruby on Rails is an ever-growing coding language that is attracting more and more developers and companies each day. With the growing talent pool, you need to know who to look for and allocate large amounts of time to hire the perfect candidate for the task. This will undoubtedly cut into the thing that matters most for you—running your business. However, partnering with NewConfig will grant you your ideal Ruby on Rails developing team without all the hassle. So what are you waiting for? Give NewConfig a call today!