Soarian Staffing Services


Soarian from Siemens is a Healthcare Information System (HIS) that orchestrates the multiple and complex functions of a healthcare institution. Among other tasks, the system supports effective diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical conditions.

To say the installation of maintenance of Soarian is important is an understatement. Patient health is dependent on a reliable, mistake-proof system.

NewConfig understands the value of highly-qualified, dependable Soarian professionals.

Why choose NewConfig?

Recruiting Guidance 

NewConfig knows the work of an IT healthcare professional. We’ve worked with the Siemens Soarian system before. Now we combine our technological know-how with our recruitment experience to help medical institutions clarify their IT staffing needs.

Best IT-Health Professionals 

Our proprietary screening method yields only experienced candidates with top-level credentials. Like all IT disciplines, the best Siemens Soarian professionals understand multiple levels of technology—just like NewConfig’s staffing agents. To find the best IT healthcare professional for medical your institution, work with a recruiting company that understands the technology.

Exclusive Network Access 

During our ten years of work in the IT industry, we have maintained many close relationships with top IT professionals. To help you find qualified talent, we scour our network for viable candidates.