In the 1980’s and 1990’s only a few technologies dominated the IT market. Yet, over time, as The Wall Street Journal reported last year, “new data architectures and applications, built in a dizzying array of open-source tools and languages…transformed IT.” 

Today, businesses use this new data architectures and applications to run most business functions. Unfortunately, according to The Journal, “the pool of available [developer] talent has yet to catch up.”

The article details what Frank Gens, a senior vice president of a global IT research company, calls the “Three Platform Theory,” which divides modern computing technology into three eras, the first two dominated by two companies, IBM and Microsoft, and the third dominated by open-source tools and languages.

As an IT staffing firm that specializes in Microsoft .NET recruitment, NewConfig was intrigued by the article’s assertion that today’s CIOs worry about a skills gap “exacerbated not only by the need to identify and hire talent with new programming skills, but also…to retain and transfer key skills honed by retiring Baby Boomer IT workers.”

Our experience in IT recruitment has confirmed this worry: many of today’s programmers lack programming skills for both new and older platforms. The challenge of finding a good app developer is similar to the challenge of .NET recruitment. The key, in both cases, is working with an IT staffing firm that understands both new and old technology.

For today’s recruitment needs, NewConfig is your IT recruitment solution.