As a leading Business Intelligence (BI) software, Oracle Hyperion helps businesses make data-driven decisions for better forecasting and scalability. However, companies using Oracle Hyperion must integrate the solution and train employees to use the software efficiently. Pricing for the software can be significant, so businesses must also commit resources to maximize ROI.

Many businesses hire qualified Hyperion consultants to lead Oracle Hyperion implementation, training, and ongoing projects. Yet, finding the right person to fit a highly-skilled role can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned executive.

As the pandemic draws to a close, economies worldwide are re-commencing to trade, instigating a scramble for talent. As Bloomberg notes, “The U.S. economy is set for a hiring boom in the months ahead as the coronavirus pandemic recedes.”

To ensure you find the best consultant to perform Oracle Hyperion implementation and training, you may need a partner with a deep network connection to help you find talent quickly and efficiently.

NewConfig is an Oracle Hyperion recruitment firm located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that offers Oracle Hyperion recruitment services. We source and hire experts for all Oracle Hyperion products, including Oracle Hyperion Foundation Services, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis, Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Management Applications, and Oracle Data Management.

To understand how NewConfig can source talent for you and find the best Oracle expert for your unique business needs, contact us today.

How Can Oracle Hyperion Help Your Business Grow?

Oracle Hyperion is a suite of EMP (enterprise performance management) tools that facilitate business planning and reporting. According to Oracle, the Oracle Hyperion product family can accelerate growth by helping “businesses develop reliable financial forecasts and producing cost-effective enterprise alignment” (source).

According to recent data, about 24,000 companies use Oracle Hyperion, and nearly 4500 companies, the majority earning $100 million in revenues, use Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, the most popular Oracle Hyperion product (source).

Oracle Hyperion

How Does Oracle Hyperion Empower Data-Driven Decision-Making?

Data is one key to making informed business decisions. Oracle Hyperion products essentially channel and organize data as a streamlined resource.

In most business settings, data is decentralized and unorganized. Oracle Hyperion integrates data from diverse business processes and transmits the data to end-users in a streamlined view with interfaces similar to the web or MS Office.

Oracle Hyperion empowers “information management” to drive the most crucial business decisions by simplifying data gathering and analysis.

The value of data-driven business decisions should be evident to any savvy business leader. The Harvard Business Review notes that data-driven decisions can help you make more confident decisions, empower proactive planning, and realize tremendous cost savings (source).

NewConfig: A Data-Driven Recruitment Company

NewConfig also makes hiring decisions based on data similar to its clients.  We work closely with our clients to understand their business goals and objectives to find the best candidates for the job. Then we call upon industry relationships to identify qualified prospects.

Since NewConfig has been an Oracle Hyperion staffing company for almost a decade, we have met many Hyperion professionals thus developed a wide network of Hyperion experts. Whether you need someone to develop your Oracle Hyperion instance from the ground up or someone to perform Oracle Hyperion training, we can help you find the ideal candidate—and often quickly.

Articles on LinkedIn explain, that the average time to hire for many top industries is around 30-50 days. Working closely with our partners, NewConfig covers the arduous work of the hiring process freeing businesses of the time expense. Besides, the NewConfig Hyperion Recruitment team can do this search much better than most in-house recruiters since this is what we specialize in day in and day out.

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