You already know that, as one of the leading Business Intelligence (BI) software systems available today, Oracle Hyperion will help your team make data-driven decisions leading to better forecasting and scalability. That’s why your company is dedicating time and resources integrating Oracle Hyperion and training your team, trying your best to leverage the time and resources spent. In order to put the proverbial “rubber to the road” and gain mileage over your competitor, your business will need a keen and talented BI expert to run the show.

Finding the right person to fit a highly skilled role can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned executive. According to the “2018 Talent Acquisition 360” report, nearly 70 percent of business leaders worldwide believe the existing talent pool is shrinking while the competition for talent is increasing.

A partner with deep network connections can help you find that talent faster. Let NewConfig help you find your next Hyperion superstar.

Why Partner with NewConfig

Maximize Resources

NewConfig works closely with our clients to understand their business goals and objectives so that we can find the best candidates for the job. We call upon industry relationships to identify qualified prospects. The average overall job interview process takes 22.9 days. Hiring NewConfig to do your Hyperion headhunting will allow you to focus on your business while we take care of the arduous details of the hiring process. Partnering with NewConfig maximizes your company’s resources: while we find your new talent, you and your existing talent continue to grow your bottom line.

Access to Top-Tier Hyperion Network

The success of your business depends as much on the quality of the team you hire as it does the systems you integrate. NewConfig, as your Hyperion headhunter, will largely increase the probability and speed at which you can fill this position within your company. As an Oracle Hyperion staffing company, we have built a vast network of specialized Oracle Hyperion connections. Whether you are in need of someone to build your Oracle Hyperion instance from the ground up or someone to just maintain the health of your platform, we have a candidate waiting to help you out!

Peace of Mind

NewConfig interviews each candidate with the hope of finding not only the right skill set but the right character match as well. We favor integrity, intelligence, and humility. With NewConfig as your Hyperion headhunter, you can rest assured that your new hire will have both the required technical skills and be a good match for your company culture and working environment.

Working with NewConfig will offer your business a solid and collaborative partnership. Allowing us to be your Hyperion headhunter will give you access our network of Oracle Hyperion connections, maximize your resources, and give you the assurance that you are hiring not only a required skill set but a great match for your company culture.

To learn more about our Hyperion headhunting services, call NewConfig today.