As an Executive Recruiter and owner of NewConfig, I have helped close to a thousand candidates in the last 11+ years gain a new role.

Many of these candidates were Executives and I kept in touch with them. I saw the ones that got promoted. I saw the ones that did not get promoted too. I saw those that succeeded in the corporate game and those that failed. I followed their careers. The Winners and the Losers.

For clarity, all of these people were good, hard-working people. Many on both sides, I am proud to call my friends. 

However, there is a distinct difference in behavior between those that succeeded in the corporate world from those that failed.

Here are the three actions I noticed of those that got promoted did that those that did not get promoted, did not do, or did not do well. 

1. Being able to meet and exceed your daily responsibilities in your current role today.

2. Take on the responsibilities of the new role that you want.

Without the title. So do the responsibilities already and Leadership will notice your work ethic and you taking on more responsibilities.

3. Asking for a Promotion to your supervisor- but again to negotiate you have to be able to say no. You need to have:

  • Created a resume
  • Looked for another job
  • Started interviewing
  • Getting to 2nd round and 3rd or possibly an offer so you are confident that you can get this role

Then you have the power in the negotiation to say No.

If you need more advice, call NewConfig. We know how to help you out.