HubSpot is the founder and leading expert in inbound marketing, a relatively new method of attracting people to a business by creating an engaging brand experience.

As an alternative to traditional outbound marketing, which targets customers through direct advertising, inbound marketing engages customers with various content, like content marketing (like blogs), social media marketing, or videos, webinars, or podcasts.

HubSpot helps clients deliver this marketing through a CRM platform that automates much of the work of organizing and posting content. The platform is unique and practical, yet even experienced professionals can face a steep learning curve when learning the system.

To make this CRM solution work for your business, you may need to hire various HubSpot experts to design, implement, and run your system.

NewConfig has helped businesses locally and worldwide source and hire expert HubSpot talent. Below we discuss three essential tips for finding a good HubSpot Staffing Agency. If you’re ready to start your recruitment journey now, contact our offices in Montgomery County, PA, today. We can help you make your HubSpot experience a success.

How to Find a Good HubSpot Staffing Agency: Three Tips

HubSpot Know-How is a Must

You may not need a HubSpot-exclusive recruiter, but you do need an agency that understands the HubSpot ecosystem, including the various key positions.

If you’re looking for HubSpot developers, for example, you need an agency that understands the unique demands of HubSpot development (like knowledge of the templating language HubL). However, when you need creatives, you need an agency that knows how to source and hire true innovators.

NewConfig’s expert recruiters have hands-on experience in CRM platforms and creative content marketing. Our recruiter’s diverse experience means we can help you find the right talent for various key positions.

From Activation to Interview and Beyond: Look for A Full-Service Agency

Too many so-called HubSpot recruiting agencies sell clients on the results: a hire.

However, the best agencies understand that a successful hire depends on a carefully engineered process that includes data gathering, discovery, sourcing, interviewing, initial offers, negotiations, and onboarding—essentially anything and everything that will lead to a superstar hire.

A careful process ensures that your business is hiring a professional not only to fill a position but to join a unique culture.

Over many years of recruitment experience, NewConfig has made refinements to create a smooth and streamlined process that accounts for many nuances, including the unique demands of a firm’s budget and culture and how any new talent will fit into the work and team.

Ongoing Support: Find a HubSpot Recruiting Agency That Ensures a Smooth Process

The best HubSpot recruiting firms understand that recruitment never ends with the hire. Instead, successful recruitment requires ongoing support, including onboarding, retention, and performance reviews.

As a HubSpot recruiting firm with CRM knowledge, NewConfig knows how to support our clients through recruitment and beyond, guaranteeing lasting success.

Contact our Montgomery County, PA, offices today. We will help you find the professionals you need to make your HubSpot experience a success.