The website “Types of Engineering Degrees” lists forty different types of degrees for engineering degrees. What unites the various engineering disciplines is an emphasis on solving real-world problems, often focusing on innovation, efficiency, and cost savings.

In this way, engineers play roles in nearly every business; and play central roles for many companies. Of course, the importance of engineers translates to inevitable competition in the recruitment marketplace. According to SIA, a global advisor on staffing, engineering staffing agencies saw a 10% revenue increase in 2021 and expect a similar rise in 2022.

The financial success of engineering recruiters also speaks to two other common themes in all staffing segments: talent shortages and increasing desire for hybrid positions.

SIA notes: “The talent shortage has carried over to the engineering segment, and technical and digital skills are in high demand. Engineers are increasingly valuing fully remote or hybrid positions” (source).

Considering the importance of engineering positions and the relative lack of talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we can’t blame businesses for seeking any number of readily accessible online engineering employment agencies. Seemingly popular options abound for a variety of recruiters, including popular options like mechanical engineering staffing agencies and civil engineering staffing agencies.

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Businesses should educate themselves on partnering with a recruitment firm before deciding. With so much riding on the decision, you want to ensure you make the right choice.

So how do you find an experienced, qualified, and effective engineering staffing agency?

How to Find an Engineering Staffing Agency: Three Tips

Engineering Knowledge and Specialization

If you’re actively searching for an engineering recruiter, you’ll likely find firms that advertise “engineering knowledge.” Some may even promote specialized knowledge. In reality, most recruiters don’t understand the role of engineers and have little or no specialized knowledge.

Recruitment firms are a dime a dozen. You need a firm with excellent engineering credentials. So you need to ask the right questions. If you already have an engineer on staff, ask them to assist in choosing a good recruiter. Ideally, you’ll discover a recruiter with actual engineering knowledge that specializes in specific engineering disciplines.


Innovative Recruitment 

The recruitment world is changing. More skilled workers expect remote work or hybrid options, job flexibility, and a dramatically improved employee experience.

Kevin Akeroyd notes in Forbes: “Sought-after talent has different expectations about how they are treated. The market for this talent is highly competitive, and traditional sourcing channels may not be up to the task of improving contingent worker experience while managing costs. New approaches and capabilities are needed to attract, engage, retain and redeploy these workers.”

The best recruitment firms understand the shifting dynamics of the labor market and how to attract the best talent in competitive climates, so make sure you ask your potential engineering recruiter precisely how they intend to attract your talent.


A Powerful Recruitment Portfolio

Our final tip may go without saying, yet it’s also a significant indicator of a quality recruitment firm—engineering recruitment or any other type of recruitment. Ensure your potential engineering staffing agency has consistent experience discovering and hiring talent.

Ask about previous recruitment campaigns. And ask for references from other clients or hires. The people who have previously worked with a recruitment firm are best qualified to speak to the firm’s quality.