3 Things a Talent Agency Knows About SAP Hybris Headhunting

SAP Hybris StaffingIn Robert Frost’s celebrated poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” Frost describes birth and death, the ebb and flow of the cycle of life—the things that are most perfect in life are especially prone to waste away. To fully understand this adage in the tech industry, look no further than your business processes.

The infrastructural makeup of companies is inherently in constant flux—relevant technology, best practices, and operational strategy are a revolving door that requires your constant vigilance. It doesn’t matter if you have found that one “golden” combination of operation—chances are you’ll need a different plan of attack in the next few years (or less). However variable all the components of a successful business, NewConfig knows one aspect should be a constant in order to retain knowledge, expertise, and growth within the organization—a solid talent base.

This rings especially true if your company is utilizing a robust and complex enterprise platform such as SAP Hybris.

SAP Hybris headhunting requires a high level of industry knowledge to find the right talent to fit your business needs. Here are three things that an SAP Hybris headhunting company like NewConfig can help you understand:

The needs of SAP Hybris are constantly fluctuating.

If you look back just ten years into the past, you can see a monumental revolution in the technological capabilities of most businesses. Cloud storage, increased mobility and interconnectivity, and improved productivity and analysis of business practices top the list of the countless advancements that have impacted business over the years.

Among these evolving solutions is SAP Hybris. The main purpose of SAP Hybris is to lend enterprise-level companies the ability to streamline and centralize their solutions to enhance productivity, gain greater visibility into metrics, and enhance overall user experience. But much like the overarching technology landscape, SAP Hybris is evolving nonstop, and you need to be hiring SAP developers, architects, and administrators who can lead the progression of your SAP Hybris instance.

With the ambiguous nature of the work required to implement and maintain these complex environments, you might not know what you need to look for in a potential hire. A staffing company like NewConfig is well-steeped in the intricacies of SAP—not only because we help hire SAP talent, but our team has previous hands-on experience with the products. Hiring is expensive, and you need to find the talent that is going to be in on your company’s mission for the long haul.

With the level of competition, it can be hard to retain talent.

Decades ago, it was not uncommon for a worker to hold the same position or work for the same company for the large majority of their professional careers. This is less common today, but if you hire the right talent, you might be able to retain an employee longer.

In the most recent State of IT report compiled by Spiceworks, one in four IT pros plans to seek new employment in 2019, and millennial tech employees are the ones most likely to be the ones hopping from job to job. This can be attributed to many factors such as competitive pay or misalignment with company values and mission. However, a 2010 Princeton study found that there is a severe cut off in the inverse relationship between happiness and pay; only so much money can improve employee satisfaction. This means that one variable—company values—is a powerful tool to retain talent.

The pool of SAP Hybris job seekers is highly competitive, but the right talent will be attracted to companies that align with their own values and mission to achieve some kind of common goal. Being able to form and convey hiring campaigns that attract candidates over your competitors is one of the greatest benefits of partnering with NewConfig for your SAP Hybris headhunting needs.

An SAP hiring agency can help you understand who you are.

Following the previous point, before you can begin to develop a campaign to find the talent that best meshes with your company’s aspirations, values, and goals, you need to have a keen grasp of the brand identity. What is it that you wish to accomplish, and how will the ideal candidate help in this journey?

Lizabeth Czepiel, a leadership development consultant, acknowledges the brand identity’s attractiveness to potential candidates as an imperative part of the hiring process.

“With the rise of the gig economy and the number of opportunities top talent can pursue, companies need to be mindful of how to attract and retain skilled employees,” Czepiel says. “High performers want a challenge, a voice, and want to contribute to growing an organization. Attract them by communicating the value of the current role, the various hats they could wear and how they could grow over the years.”

SAP Hybris employees, no matter the role in the application’s development or maintenance, are highly-specialized individuals who often have an intimate understanding of what they can offer. NewConfig can work closely with you to bring the frequencies between you and your perfect SAP Hybris hire into perfect harmony.

There is not one static plan of action or practice to ensure that your business will remain forever successful. You have to keep your ear to the ground to industry and technology trends in order to remain competitive in your market. However, you have one piece of gold that is sure to stay: the right hire who is progressive and forward-thinking enough to achieve the next level of greatness in your organization. Contact NewConfig today to find out how we can help you find your gold!