You may be a recruiter at a hospital, at a healthcare firm, or at a clinic. You are looking for an Epic Systems experienced employee or a consultant. How do you find that perfect Epic Systems Consultant for your firm? 

Today, Epic Systems is in demand. Many hospitals including some of the biggest ones such as Kaiser Permanente run on Epic Systems, and they love it.

Before you begin you need to know much more about what the hiring manager wants from the Epic Consultant you find.

You probably have a requirements sheet in front of you with “Epic Systems Agency” vernacular all over it, and you have no idea what it means. It is alright, with time you will learn, but right now to begin the search you need to find out from the hiring manager what module of Epic Systems is required. Epic Systems has many modules and you need to find out which one is the most important.

Next comes the question of salary: Epic Consultants make between $75/hour-$150/hour plus traveling expenses. Of course, different regions vary depending on living costs. This question is most important to the candidates, but you will not know the market more precise to your region and the specific Epic Systems module required until you start talking to candidates. I would advise you to ask the hiring manager for a range that the position can support.

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