Many Executives Staffing recruitment searches for Partners, Chief Technology Officers, and other C-Level positions should remain confidential. The mere fact that a Fortune 1000 company is searching for a C-Level executive can create unease for the company in the stock market. 

Just because the Executive Staffing search started does not mean it will be successful. Many companies search on their own or choose recruitment agencies with less experience than NewConfig. This inexperience forces mistakes that can make a search last 3-6 months rather than the usual 1-2 months.

So how do you keep a head-hunting search confidential? Furthermore, how do you avoid some of the egregious pitfalls that keep an executive recruiting search going and going?

The solution is simple: do not reveal your company name until the candidate signs a confidentiality agreement. Nowadays, everyone has access to a scanner and emailing a candidate is simple.

She or he can then sign it and send it back to you and you can then continue the discussion. A ten minute pause will save you heartache down the road. To create the confidentiality agreement, talk to your legal department (if you need their approval) or simply draft one and have a lawyer look at it. Since the lawyer does not have to draft it, the fee will be minimal. If you are working with NewConfig, a premier executive search agency, you do not have to worry because we already have confidentiality agreements lawyer approved for executive recruitment searches.