Candidates ask me daily how they can get a position: whether its a normal job or their dream job. They ask me because they know I deal with helping people get employed. I am an Executive/Finanice/IT Headhunter. I search the market for outstanding candidates for my clients. 

Hustle. That is the one word answer to their question.

Nothing will happen if you do not hustle. No one else cares about your interest besides you so no one else will work in your place. Some people do get lucky but hard word beats out luck most of the time. Talent is no match for hard work either.

I will explain further. Do not expect for recruiters to call you and offer you your dream job one day without you working for it. To get that call, you have to do the following:

1. Go to Job boards and apply on them daily. And, this does not just refer to your dream job. I totally understand that folks need jobs to support themselves and their family, but they do work that matches their experience because usually they get a higher pay for the work they know. Point taken.

So go to Careerbuilder, Monster, Dice, Linkedin,, and other job forms and apply for many positions! Submit yourself to at least 3-5 positions per week.

Rant stopped for the day. Applying on job boards is the most important action you can take immediately if you want to pursue something better for yourself. Pursuit of Happiness is part of the American Dream, and you need to go and find your own dream. No one find it for you.