Ruby on Rails (RoR)–or Rails to developers–is a web application framework that is designed to ease the challenge of coding of databases, web services, and web pages. Not surprisingly, the actual work of developing with Ruby on Rails is often quite straightforward.

Of course, this is a relative statement. Many individuals attempt to learn Rails quickly. But most industrious business owners understand the need to outsource this skill. If you are reading this page now, you might just be one of these industrious owners.


Why choose NewConfig?

  • Recruiting Guidance– With the recent boom in mobile applications, Rails developers are in high demand. To find the right developer for your firm you need an IT recruitment agency that understands the language of Rails. NewConfig’s recruiters include former Rails developers who have worked on a variety of applications—including mobile apps.
  • Best Ruby on Rails Developers– Our industry experience means we know how to screen Rails professionals. We know how to sort the best candidates from the pretenders. When you work with NewConfig, you receive the most highly-qualified, viable candidates available.
  • Exclusive Network Access– We have worked for many clients recruiting Ruby on Rails developers. Our experience has produced numerous relationships with current Ruby on Rails experts. You will not find many of these experts on the job boards. With NewConfig, you have access to this elite group of Rails professionals.

NewConfig recruits a variety of Ruby on Rails professionals:


    • Ruby on Rails Developer
    • Ruby on Rails Architect
    • Software Engineer
    • Systems Administrator
    • Big Data Scientist
    • Systems Engineer
    • IT Managers
    • VP of Engineering or IT
    • Front End Architect