Oracle software performs a variety of functions for many industries. Manufacturing, Healthcare, Law, and Government—all rely on Oracle for databases and more. The prevalence of Oracle necessitates a large pool of talent. From consultants to managers to analysts, Oracle professionals are in demand.Do you need an Oracle expert for your business? Before launching NewConfig, our founding recruiters were go-to Oracle experts at Fortune 500 companies. We know the software. We know what you need from the software. Now, as a leading Oracle recruitment company, we help you find experts just like us.

Why choose NewConfig?

  • Experienced Counsel- Oracle recruitment can be tough. There are many Oracle professionals, but not all are equally talented. Many companies learn this fact the hard—and costly—way, through trial and error. When you work with NewConfig, you benefit from our first-hand knowledge of the software and people. We can help you clarify your needs. We know the skills that matter.
  • The Best Candidates- Facing a dense population of available Oracle professionals, how do you find the right professional to fill your position? Some businesses attempt Oracle staffing in-house. Unfortunately, these same businesses often lack technical know-how. If you don’t understand the software, how can you hire capable professionals to manage the software? Why not take advantage of NewConfig’s experience? We can guide you to the best candidates for your business.
  • Access to Hidden Candidates- After a decade of networking, we have developed an exclusive network of Oracle professionals. You won’t find many of these professionals on the job boards. When you work with NewConfig, however, you will access our “hidden” network of the most experienced, in-demand professionals in the industry.

Our Recruitment Services include full-time and contract staffing for the following Oracle technologies:

Oracle Technologies:


    • Oracle E-Business Suite
    • Oracle Developer Suite
    • Oracle Hyperion
    • Siebel
    • Oracle Essbase
    • Oracle CRM On Demand


    We also offer full-time and contractor staffing for these Oracle positions:

    Oracle Positions

    • Oracle DBA
    • Oracle Functional
    • Oracle Technical
    • IT Manager
    • Oracle Supply Chain Analyst
    • Oracle HRMS Analyst
    • JD Edwards Consultant
    • Peoplesoft Consultant
    • Oracle Project Manager