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NewConfig is a Philadelphia-based executive staffing company that specializes in IT, Sales, Medical, and Financial recruitment. For over ten years, our partners have thrived in IT, Sales, Executive, Financial, and Healthcare. Now we apply our specialized industry knowledge in these fields by matching enterprising businesses with qualified, talented individuals.

NewConfig applies a consultative approach to recruitment and hiring. To begin, we ask pointed questions to discover our client’s precise needs. We believe a recruitment firm must excel in the art of listening. Once we have clarified our client’s needs, we craft a unique campaign to attract talent. If necessary, we call upon our relationships in the industry to discover experienced candidates. Once our search has yielded prospects, we interview each candidate with the hope of finding not only the right skill set, but the right character match. We favor integrity, intelligence, and humility.

Partnering with NewConfig, you maximize your firm’s resources: while we find you new talent, your existing talent works to grow your bottom line. From CEOs to IT professionals to Sales Executives and Physicans, we have the experience and skills to deliver your next all-star hire.


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